Connecting the dots between Astronomy & Astrology. Big Bang Theory, Forces of Nature, Planets, Stars, Eclipses, Zodiacs, Man, Demigods, Gods, Saints, Siddars and its connections. 

Secret Beyond 3 Cities/States

Beyond Waking. Dreaming. Deep Sleep.

History of Man, Mystery of Memory &

Theory of Consciousness.


Clocks do not measure time. They measure themselves with reference to another clock. Can our Mind understand itself? Perception. Hallucination. World. Self. Conceive. Perceive. Intelligence. Consciousness. 


The "Memento" moment. Past, Present and Future. Meditation. Behavioral Sciences. The Brain Synapse. Body and the Soul and the linkages. Sacrifice. Purusha, Prakriti. Incarnation. Life. Death. Reincarnation.